DIGITAL BUILDERS – what we stand for

We gladly advise you on all possible matters relating to the digital domain. When you plan a potential project to surpass the parameters of a normal web presence, we are there not only to save you those unnecessary expenses, we even go a step further by unleashing a new source of revenue. We specifically specialise in streaming related radio and TV projects. Through our comprehensive network we nearly always achieve optimal solutions for the successful implementation of the project you intend.

We accompany you with your intended project from the very first idea to its monetarisation, without implicating own resources or without obligation to accept delivery from another developer in the digital field. This implies that the best security backed basis for planning your project is to be accomplished.

In order to implement your idea, we select offers from different market levels, as well as from different regions and countries and constantly fine tune it with what you expect. Because in many instances the client’s resources are initially insufficient or partly insufficient, we often step in to make provision during the course of the operational process of the new projects that are being carried out. Together we plan the best suited monetarisation of your project and rely on a comprehensible network for support.

We look forward to meet you and to tackle new challenges.

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With the best wishes from the DIGITAL BUILDERS GmbH team